About Walter


It's no surprise my favorite toy growing up was Legos. Not only was I obsessed with what I could create but I was focused on storing all of my pieces and keeping them organized in divided plastic bins.  So the start of my career designing things that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional began early.  Had I not chosen interior design, I would have been a shoo-in for product design.  I love beautiful everyday products that work well.

I will never forget the look of sheer terror and disbelief on my father's face when I announced I had changed my college major from pre-dental orthodontics to design. My mother--who gave up a promising college career at Cornel to marry my father--was delighted.

I never looked back.

Growing up in Buffalo, New York after the steel town heydays, I was surrounded by notable buildings designed by famous architects.  From a very early age, I recognized the uniqueness of Frank Lloyd Wright, Louie Sullivan and FredrickLaw Olmstead's work.  While most of my hometown was voting to tear down these important structures, I could not understand why. 

I am lucky to have been involved in some facet of design for my entire life.  Making one's passion one's career makes for a very happy life.  I continue to thrive in design as I look at each new project as an opportunity to try something new.